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I came back home yesterday evening after 6 days in London where I really enjoyed myself!

As it was my 6th time there, I went out of the more touristy paths...

On the first night, we went to Soho. We dined in Chinatown and walking around with my colleague we stumbled upon a filming near the Churchill's war rooms.

The next day after the welcoming at the school, I did the Thames cruise with some of the students I was accompanying as we had a discount and it's always a great way to see the city!

After that, with my colleague we enjoyed a Pimm's in Covent Garden. Then I went to Neal's Yard and I did some shopping on Oxford Street (Lush and makeup at Selfridges).

Tuesday, I went to see the Charterhouse and St Bartholomew the Great.

In the afternoon, I did a cruise from Little Venice to Camden.


I the evening I met with a lovely lady I knew on a Bullet Journal group on FB... We did some stationery shopping!

On Wednesday, I went to St Dunstan in the East in the morning and I visited the Petrie's museum in the afternoon.

Then, with my colleague, we had the afternoon tea at Fortnum and Mason. It was exquisite!

On Thursay, I went to Hampton Court for the day. I really enjoyed it! The weather was beautiful and I had lot of time to make some macro photography!

On my last day, I went to the Geffrye's Museum in the morning then I did a guided tour of the Highgate cemetery! It was really orginal and interesting!

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