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As I told you before, I want to rec fics more often! Especially Merlin fics!

So I thought you could give me a trope or a theme and I'll rec my favourite fics for that trope!

I read everything apart from violence, too dark fics, watersports and scat!

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If you have survived the last photoshoot, I think this one will finish you! ;-)
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It's a meme I've seen a lot on the web with some variations...

I choose this version as it seemed fun!

(found here)

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As you may know, I fell in love with Yuri in love a few weeks ago. It's really a great anime and, of course, that lead me to read fanfics!

[ profile] kitty_fic this post is for you! ;-)

Here are some of my favourite ones!
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I don't think I'll be able to function again after this!Colin <3 )

EDIT : *iz dead*
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So, yesterday, I finally started reading "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child"! (I have the book since August...).

Of course, after only a few pages, I was shipping Albus/Scorpius really hard!

Which had led me to AO3 in search of fics! ;-)

I was in the HP fandom some years ago but back then I was mostly reading French fics... So there is probably a lot of English fics I haven't read! ;-)

I know some of my LJ friends are HP fans, too so I'd like to ask you for fics recs!!

What I like :
Harry/Draco, Harry/Severus, Harry/Bill, Harry/Charlie, Albus/Scorpius.
Fluff, H/C, age difference, A/B/O, Mpreg, love spells.

What I don't like :
Sad ending, non magical universe, watersports, violence, excessive dom/sub relationship.
Nothing longer than 50.000 words as I don't have that much time at the moment! ;-)

You can also send me recs lists!

Thank you!!
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Stolen from [ profile] rotrude

2016 wasn't a good year for me in terms of writing... Let's see how bad it was and hope to do better in 2017! ;-)

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Haven by Chance

Author : [ profile] eurydice72

Rating : NC17

Summary : Percival Chance looks like he might have it all, but his shyness and insecurity cripple him from any kind of real relationship. Until he meets a gorgeous blond at a club one night and decides to take a chance. When he finds out his hook-up is none other than Arthur Pendragon, one of the most powerful businessmen in London, he's convinced he's made a terrible mistake. It's up to Arthur to convince him otherwise...

Why I loved it : I love Percival so that was already a good point for this fic! I loved the slow build of the relationship between Percival and Arthur and both are really well characterized! For me it's really a must-read in the fandom and for the Percival lovers even more!
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This one was really hard as I read an awful lot of fanfics in the past year! So I decided to rec only fics that were written in 2016 and to choose three differents fandoms! ;-)
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As some of you told me how much you like recs, I decided to do a series of posts about my best of 2016!

So I'll post tops 3 of the things I prefered in 2016! Today we start with the video games!!

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Author : Azile_Teacup

Rating : NC17

Summary : All Merlin's friends come for Christmas, and Arthur meets them for the first time. He takes rather a shine to Gwaine. There's a giant puppy dog. Everyone is mostly happy.

Why I loved it : It's a very beautiful fic. I loved how the serious themes were treated in a very mature way. I also like the feeling of love that exsuded from the whole fic! The ending is quite surprinsing but in a very good way!!

2017 goals

Jan. 5th, 2017 01:10 pm
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This year, I really want to be more active on LJ!

First of all, I want to start writing for [ profile] camelot_drabble more regularly and read and comment all the wonderful drabbles I've missed in 2016!

To help me, I even made a tracker in my Bullet Journal!

Yeah, that's a lof of drabbles to read! ;-)

I also plan to rec things I like more often... Fanfics, of course but also films, series, books,...
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Happy New Year to all my LJ friends!

I really want to be more active on LJ in 2017! And I love you all for your great fics, arts and posts!
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A few days ago, I discovered this anime as Johnny Weir himself talked about it on his Facebook page!

An episode later and I was in love!!! As an ice skating fan and as a slasher, it was like this anime was made for me! I've already watched 6 episodes on the 9 that have aired. There should be 12 episodes in total!

For me, the best thing about "Yuri on ice!!!" is that it show love between man without being a yaoi anime, in a sport context and in a very natural and beautiful way! I really hope it will continue like this till the end!

Plot :
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If you're still not convinced...
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Am I the only one thinking Newt is too cute and awkward not to be slashed?

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I'm still looking for a beta reader for my Merlin Holidays fic!

The fic should be finished around the 30th November and need to be sent on the 4th December.

It's a Merlin/Percival canon fic!


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