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(No personal post today for the Post a Day Challenge but a little rec!)

Maybe We Were Coming All Along

Author : [ profile] sassafrasx

Rating :

Summary : In retrospect, the "Prince on the Lam in Wales" Christmas headline was not what Arthur had intended.

Why I loved it : It's a modern royalty AU, there is a lot of pinning, Hunith is perfect and then you add some Christmas fluff! Really for what more could you ask?
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Rinse, Lather, Repeat

Author : [ profile] leashy_bebes[ profile] leashy_bebes

Rating :

Summary : Crumble fic under running water, and be sure to suspend disbelief before bathing. An epic tale of awkwardness, daft boys, and love as expressed through bathing products (yes, you read that right. Bathing products).

Why I loved it : It was funny, it was the classical "Merlin and Arthur hates each other at first" but with a twist... The twist being bathing products! And as a big fan of Lush products I could only love that fic! Also that fic just made me laugh all alone!
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Tis a Pity He's a Whore

Author : xaritomene

Rating :

Summary : Based on "Pretty Woman". Arthur is a rich business man - Merlin is the down-on-his-luck hooker he picks up almost by accident one night. Things Happen between them - and not just the things Arthur paid for. (written for reel_merlin)

Why I loved it : "Pretty Woman" is my Mom's favourite film so I let you imagine how many times I've seen it! Then, of course, I had to read this fic! And I read it and even re-read it! I loved how closely it followed the scenario of the film but with enough differences to make it really interesting! It was as funny and romantic as the film but with Merthur as an added bonus!
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Author : skellerbvvt

Rating :

Summary : When Arthur was small his Majesty locked him away because Arthur is a monster. Now Merlin wants to let Arthur out to prove that he is not.

Why I loved it : This fic is way darker than what I usually read though I loved it! It's that kind of fic that leave an imprint on you when you've finished it. What I loved the most was that, even if it's a dark fic, there are always some hope in it. Arthur's character is completly OOC but only to become a great character! Arthur also allows us to see the story and the world in a very interesting point of view. I can't say more about what I loved without reavealing part of the plot so just go and read it if you haven't yet!
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Game, Set,...Match?

Author : [ profile] thecheekydragon

Rating :

Summary : In which tennis hottie Ajay Pendragon absolutely does not lust after cute ball boy Merlin.

Why I loved it : Sports Au... Age difference... These two things were enough for me to like the fic! ;-) Though, everything else was as enjoyable! I loved the young and carefree Merlin meeting his favorite player. It's one of these fics where you secretly wants to be one of the character! I also enjoyed the humour and all the little details that made it believable?
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Straws in the wind

Author : [ profile] i_claudia

Rating :

Summary : Merlin meets Arthur when Arthur runs him over on the ski slopes. Everything goes downhill from there.

Why I loved it : It's the first really long Merlin fic I've read and also the first one I re-read! I loved the mix between humour and more serious matters. I also loved that everything didn't go too smoothly for Arthur and Merlin. The setting was really original and Arthur as a skier was really interesting!
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I've decided to finally rec the fics I like (or at least some of them). In a perfect wold, I'll also make a list on this journal with all the fic I'll be reccing.

Thanks to the lovely [ profile] osky291 who made me this wonderful banner!


Summer Storm

Author : [ profile] neuroticnick

Rating :

Summary : Arthur and his friends have been travelling from beach to beach across Europe the summer after leaving college, and are now on their last stop before going back to start uni. Despite the main goal of the trip being to have sex with as many girls as possible, Arthur has managed to avoid outing himself the entire time. That changes when he meets Merlin.

Why I loved it : Even if it talk about teenager/young adults (around 17), they're not full of cliches! I loved the way this fic talked about homophobia and how the characters grew up during the story. There was a mix of angst, fun, sex... Everything we could want in a fic!

Rec List

Aug. 19th, 2012 02:10 pm
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Here is my rec list!

I've listed all the fics I've liked enough to read them more than two times!

There listed in no particular order.
Last update : 19/08/2012

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