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Duck and Bunny rescue

Author : pepperlandgirl4

Rating : NC17

Summary : Morgana wasn't one to mince words. She flat out said that she thought Gwaine was slipping into a depression, and she was bound and determined to stop that from happening. He told her that was real easy--find him a job. She decided it would be easier to find him a date. Why she thought that would help, he had no idea.

But after one meeting, Gwaine had to admit that Merlin might just be the pick-me-up he needs.

Why I loved it : I love the characters here! Especially Gwaine and Morgana! Also Merlin as an animal savior is just perfect! There was also a good ratio of angst and fluff! And Merlin/Gwaine is one of my favourite pairing!
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In the past weeks, I've started reading Harry Potter fanfics again... So here is a little rec list with my favourite Drarry fics!

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The Crown of the Summer Court

Author : astolat

Rating : NC17

Summary : "The king sent me to get you," Merlin said, with a tone that implied strongly that he wasn't rolling his eyes where Arthur could see, but just wait until his back was turned. "He said you're to get changed into formal clothes and meet him in the Great Hall, there's a delegation coming from the Summer Court."

Why I loved it : It was probably the first fic in the Merlin fandom that really left a mark on me. Since then I re-read it at least 5 more times and each time, I fell in love with the universe depicted in that fic. The relationship with Merlin and Arthur is perfect, the Elves are wonderfully described and the story itself is captivating!
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Here are some recs for my gamer friends!
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For [ profile] brunettepet

This is one of my favourite trope so be ready for a lot of recs!

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This one if for [ profile] brunettepet

If you want to send me a trope for reccing, just do it! :-)

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As I told you before, I want to rec fics more often! Especially Merlin fics!

So I thought you could give me a trope or a theme and I'll rec my favourite fics for that trope!

I read everything apart from violence, too dark fics, watersports and scat!

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As you may know, I fell in love with Yuri in love a few weeks ago. It's really a great anime and, of course, that lead me to read fanfics!

[ profile] kitty_fic this post is for you! ;-)

Here are some of my favourite ones!
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So, yesterday, I finally started reading "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child"! (I have the book since August...).

Of course, after only a few pages, I was shipping Albus/Scorpius really hard!

Which had led me to AO3 in search of fics! ;-)

I was in the HP fandom some years ago but back then I was mostly reading French fics... So there is probably a lot of English fics I haven't read! ;-)

I know some of my LJ friends are HP fans, too so I'd like to ask you for fics recs!!

What I like :
Harry/Draco, Harry/Severus, Harry/Bill, Harry/Charlie, Albus/Scorpius.
Fluff, H/C, age difference, A/B/O, Mpreg, love spells.

What I don't like :
Sad ending, non magical universe, watersports, violence, excessive dom/sub relationship.
Nothing longer than 50.000 words as I don't have that much time at the moment! ;-)

You can also send me recs lists!

Thank you!!
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Haven by Chance

Author : [ profile] eurydice72

Rating : NC17

Summary : Percival Chance looks like he might have it all, but his shyness and insecurity cripple him from any kind of real relationship. Until he meets a gorgeous blond at a club one night and decides to take a chance. When he finds out his hook-up is none other than Arthur Pendragon, one of the most powerful businessmen in London, he's convinced he's made a terrible mistake. It's up to Arthur to convince him otherwise...

Why I loved it : I love Percival so that was already a good point for this fic! I loved the slow build of the relationship between Percival and Arthur and both are really well characterized! For me it's really a must-read in the fandom and for the Percival lovers even more!
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This one was really hard as I read an awful lot of fanfics in the past year! So I decided to rec only fics that were written in 2016 and to choose three differents fandoms! ;-)
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Author : Azile_Teacup

Rating : NC17

Summary : All Merlin's friends come for Christmas, and Arthur meets them for the first time. He takes rather a shine to Gwaine. There's a giant puppy dog. Everyone is mostly happy.

Why I loved it : It's a very beautiful fic. I loved how the serious themes were treated in a very mature way. I also like the feeling of love that exsuded from the whole fic! The ending is quite surprinsing but in a very good way!!
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Because of you

Author : Sairalinde and Anorienbean

Rating : NC17

Summary : Faramir is sent to Helm’s Deep, where he almost dies saving Haldir. In doing so, Haldir, whose only hope was to die there himself, becomes responsible for the Ranger, and isn’t exactly happy about it. Charged with returning Faramir to Gondor, he is torn between falling for him, and fulfilling his wish to die – since a warrior like himself would have no place in Aman, nor on Middle Earth after the war ended. Would he?

Why I loved it : The pairing!! Faramis was one of my favourite character in the films and Haldir is just the perfect arrogant Elf! I particularly loved how we got Faramis and Haldir's view on every moment between them. I also loved the slow slow slow burn!
It's a quite old fic but clearly worth reading!
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Author : Carmenta

Rating : NC17

Summary :
The Oddities of Fate and Circumstance
In the past two days Bard has smuggled the King under the Mountain into Lake-town, has found himself in the midst of a dragon attack, has then slain said attacking dragon, almost drowned, almost been proclaimed king and has just woken to an Elven army in their makeshift refugee camp.

Now he'd really like to get that simple life back, without stubborn Dwarves, attacking Orcs and the sudden need for diplomacy. He'd also really, really like for everybody to stop calling him Lord of Dale.

However, he wouldn't mind keeping the fabulous Elvenking around who's being so generous with his wine, opinions and turnips.

In Sleep What Dreams Might Come
There's an Elvenking in his bed, a Dwarven realm at his doorstep and a dragon in his nightmares.

Bard's days used to be much simpler.

Why I loved it : It was like reading a true sequel to the film! I loved how the author focused on the main pairing but also on the practical side of rebuilding Dale and dealing with everything happening around them. There was angst, humor, fluff and everything was well balanced!
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During the holidays, I watched the three "Hobbit" films as I had bought the blu-ray with the extended versions.

That lead me to drool over Lee Pace and Luke Evans (amongst other!) which meant I ended on tumblr where I discovered how slashy "The Hobbit" cast was!

I mean look at this!Man love ahead! )

In a few hours, I was convinced that Lee Pace and Richard Armitage are truly dating (I mean, Thanksgiving with your "friend" family? Holidaying together? Traveling around the world to see your co-star's play?) and that the rest of the cast was good material for fic!

Which of course lead me to AO3 ans hours and hours of reading!

I also wandered in the LOTR fandom and, as a sign, French TV is broadcasting "The Fellowship of the Ring" tonight!

If you have some good websites, fics recs, tumblr to recommend, just leave a comment! I'm open to RPF, of course! LOTR and The Hobbit!
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banner by [ profile] capitu

Rule Number Four

Author : [ profile] neuroticnick

Rating : NC17

Summary : Pendragon Enterprise is the world's leading computer security company and ruthless when it comes to taking down malicious programmers. It's the perfect place for a skilled hacker like Merlin Ambrosius (codename: Emrys) to work undercover and gain a tactical advantage. But being the personal assistant for vice-CEO Arthur Pendragon is more complicated than Merlin expects. The female Pendragon threatens castration, Arthur apparently sleeps with all his PAs, and it only gets more complicated when the Kilgharrah virus causes a panic. Merlin might just have a solution though, because Anonymous...Anonymous is legion.

Why I loved it :Merlin as a hacker is made of win! Great fic with suspense, humour and romance! The universe of the hackers is wonderfully depicted!

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banner by [ profile] capitu

The goof times are killing me

Author : [ profile] minor_hue

Rating : NC17

Summary : In which the boys pretend to still be together for Christmas (and there is more than one kind of charade)

Why I loved it : Prented relationship is one of my favourite trope! This one is really well written and also very heartbreaking! It was a beautiful and realistic depiction of the ending of a relationship!


Oct. 2nd, 2015 10:19 pm
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banner by [ profile] capitu

I've just signed up for Rectober after seing it on [ profile] sp_owl journal! I really like this idea and I wanted to post some recs so it happens just at the right time!

I'll post my first rec of the month tomorrow!

My objective is to post at least once a week!
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Warm Bricks

Author : [ profile] casualtheatrics

Rating : NC17

Summary : Merlin is a street-dwelling, foster-kid runaway who slowly insinuates himself into the hearts of the Pendragon family.

Why I loved it : Age difference!!! (one of my favourite trope). I loved the Pendragon familly's dynamics and how Merlin had to find his place into it. It was also a very moving fic (I cried during some passages).


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