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During the holidays, I watched the three "Hobbit" films as I had bought the blu-ray with the extended versions.

That lead me to drool over Lee Pace and Luke Evans (amongst other!) which meant I ended on tumblr where I discovered how slashy "The Hobbit" cast was!

I mean look at this!Man love ahead! )

In a few hours, I was convinced that Lee Pace and Richard Armitage are truly dating (I mean, Thanksgiving with your "friend" family? Holidaying together? Traveling around the world to see your co-star's play?) and that the rest of the cast was good material for fic!

Which of course lead me to AO3 ans hours and hours of reading!

I also wandered in the LOTR fandom and, as a sign, French TV is broadcasting "The Fellowship of the Ring" tonight!

If you have some good websites, fics recs, tumblr to recommend, just leave a comment! I'm open to RPF, of course! LOTR and The Hobbit!
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I'm currently laying in the couch like I've been doing since yesterday morning... On Wednesday evening, as I was leaving work, I put my foot in a hole in the pavement and sprained my ankle! It hurt so much I had to call a taxi to go back home as I couldn't walk to take the bus.

I called the doctor on Thursday morning and she confirmed that I had a big sprain. She advised me to have some x-ray. I did this morning and it confirmed the sprain but with no complications!

I'm still not allowed to walk (apart from moving a little in the house) for the next 3 days and I'm on sick leave until Wednesday!

It's not that bad because it gives me a lot of free time to watch films (I already watched : "Home", "Pride", "Mr Holmes" and "Inside Out") and I plan to read and write some fics, too!


Earlier this week I received some new makeup palette!

It's the Vice 4 from Urban Decay and I'm in love with it!! Sadly I didn't wear makeup these past days though I'm eager to go back to work only to be able to play with my new palette!

Isn't it beautiful?

 (and, yes, one of the eyeshadow is called Harlot! ;-) )


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