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I need a beta for a Merlin/Percival fic that should be finished tomorrow. It will be around 1500 words with some infidelity.

Can someone help me with this?

Thanks! <3


Sep. 22nd, 2015 05:41 pm
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I hope everyone is well! I'm slowly coming back to LJ more regularly!

Sunday, I went to watch the Davis Cup semi-final between Belgium and Argentina with a colleague and a friend of his.
It's was so great! Teh atmosphere was unbelievable and Belgium won!!
We're in a Davis Cup final for the first time in 111 years!!
Now I hope I'll get tickets for the finale!

Also, yesterday, I've received my assigment for [ profile] merlin_holidays


I'm happy about it and I already have some ideas! I hope I'll not struggle as much as for my Merlin Reverse BB fic!
A cheerleader and/or beta would be more than welcome!
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As you may know, I'm planning on taking the CAE exam in May.

The exam is divided in four parts : Reading & Use of English, Listening, Writing and Speaking.

As for the two first parts, I've found sample papers on Internet and I've bought a book with for sample tests with answers sheets.

Writing and speaking are harder to improve and assess alone.

For the speaking part, I hope the week I'll spend in London in April will do my some good.

It's for the writing part that I seek your help! I have sample papers and example of examiners' reviews. I'm looking for someone who could read what I'll write and review it (grammar, sentences structures, vocabulary, etc...).

The text have to be 200-260 words long and there are two pieces to write by exams (I have 6 sample papers in total, that I want to do before May).

I'll be very grateful if someone was ready to help me!
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Is there someone in my LJ friends that could create a little banner/image for me?

I'd like something to put in my fic reccing posts to make them stand out.

If you want, I can write you a little Merlin drabble in exchange for your services! ;-)


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