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I came back home yesterday evening after 6 days in London where I really enjoyed myself!

As it was my 6th time there, I went out of the more touristy paths...
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HI everyone!

Juste to say I'm still around! I wasn't very active on LJ in the past weeks as I had a very busy life... Lots of projects to finish a work, lot of problems in the house (plumbing and heating) and I played the new "Zelda" game a lot!

And tomorrow, I'm leaving for 6 days in London! Once again I'm accompanying a group of adult students though I'll have a lot of free time!

The week after I'm on holiday so I hope to catch up with everything that went on here in the past weeks!
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I've just said goodbye to my life for longs hours!

I'm a fan of Zelda since I played "Link's awakening" on my Gameboy. Though, I had decided to wait a little before buying the last one. I wanted to buy the Switch with it in July (when I'd receive my paid vacations).

When I saw all the test and reviews, I couldn't resist anymore so I bought the game on Wii U!

I've started playing yesterday and after just a few hours, I'm in love! <3 The game is really beautiful! And it's huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge! There are so many things to do all around you, it's nearly overwhelming!

Now I'm planning to make spread in my video game notebook to track my progress and I'm aiming to finish it at 100%!

Any Zelda fans here?
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My back is getting better...
After two weeks of rest, I went back to work but it didn't go well so the doctor gave me a third week of sick leave.
I went back to work for good last Tuesday... and for now, my back is behaving!
I still need to go to the physiotherapist and I'll need to start hypopressive gym sessions (it's a way to strengthen your muscles without any pressure on the back... Like what the new mothers are doing.)

The only downside at the moment, is that after three weeks when I did nothing at all, my body seems to have forgotten how to function during 8hours a day at work... So I'm always tired!

Also, I'm still looking for a beta/cheerleader for my Merlin Holidays fic!! I have most of the plot in my mind and I should start writing this weekend!
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On Sunday, I did some plumbing as I need to fix a pipe under my bathroom sink... When I had finished, I tried to put the drawer back on place but took a wrong turn in the door... and hurt my back again.

I never felt such pain! I was litteraly rolling on the floor, shouting and screaming...

My mum called the duty doctor immediately and he made me some injections to calm the pain.

In the end, it's the same problem I had un July... One of my vertebra is blocking a nerve so the pain is getting from my back to my knee...

At the moment, I'm barely able to walk or to sit for more than ten minutes... So I spend most of my time in my bed with my phone, my Nintendo 3DS and some books... I hope I'll soon be able to at least go in the couch to use my computer... Since then, no writing or commenting from me :-(

I'm on sick leave until the 30rd so I hope I'll be able to move a little more around the house in the next few days... Until then  I'm reading and playing Dragon Quest in between taking painkiller...
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So today was the Fanfiction writers appreciation day so I thought it would be the perfect day for finally going back to commenting the drabble on [ profile] camelot_drabble!

I'm still a long way behind but I hope to catch up in the next week! I also plan to start writing again (next week?) for the community!

I'm also reading Merlin fanfics again! And I saved a lot of it on my ereader! I hope inspiration will come back soon!
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I've just startet a Bullet journal and, as the moment, I'm really enjoying it!

I really hope it will help me getting more organized. I'm especially hoping it will help me commenting, reading and writing fic more regularly!

If you're interested in the concept, here is the video explaining it :

You can also have a look at Pinterest (where I discovered it).
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I saw the specialist for my back on Wednesday. She thiink I have a hip tendinitis that is probably linked to the lumbago I had first. I need to do an echography to confirm it. I also need to take some medication and do some kinesitherapy.

Though, I'm feeling better! I'm able to move more easily, the pain has decreased and I only need to take painkillers at night.

So I'm finally able to do some of the things on my summer to-do list! I went shopping with my mum, I baked a cake this morning and I'm even able to sit long enough to play some video games!

Let's hope it will keep going better when I'll go to see the physiotherapist on Tuesday!
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Hi! I hope everyone is okay.

On my side, my first week of holiday didn't really went as planned...

During the weekend I did some chores and my back started to ache again during the night from Monday to Tuesday. On Tuesday morning, I went to the physiotherapist and he helped a lot so on the afternoon I went to do some shopping as prevised. I had to buy a new bedbase and a new mattress. We also went to lunch with my mom and visited some friend. At night, my back started aching again and during the night I barely slept...

It hurt so much I tried to sleep in my Mom's bed as her mattress is harder... Though, I couldn't find a position where I was comfortable... In the end, it hurt so much we called the doctor on-duty... He didn't come but told me what medication to take...

In the end, I barely slept for a few minutes and in the morning, I called the physiotherapist to see if he could see me again... He saw me in the morning and helped a little but the pain was still there and the medications weren't effective...

So that night, I didn't sletp neither... It hurt so much I cried... So I called the on-duty doctor again. It was another one and he came to give me an injection of painkillers.

He also prescribed me other shots of antiinflammatory and vitamins B...  shots, once a day... So now I have a mal nurse that comes everyday to make the injections... And I'm feeling better!

Though, we still don't know exactly what my problem is so I'm going to see a specialist on Wednesday! I really hope this time we will find something and start a therapy!
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I'm on holiday since yesterday and I'm only going back to work on the 16th August! Working in a school-like environnement has its perks! ;-)

Now I need to occupy these four weeks of free time... And I think I've found enough things to do! ;-)
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Hi! Yes, I'm still around even if I haven't posted anything in months!

Life has been quite busy with full-time work! Especially as I got to manage two new projects with very tigh schedules (budgets need to be used before the end of the year but we only got the information in June!).

Also, I have back aches since May and it's really tiring... I'm slowly getting better, though!

The good news is that I'll be on holiday from Friday and for a month!
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Hi everyone! How are you?

I'm back at home after a week in Italy! I first spent 4 days in Vicenza, accompanying a group of students for work than I went to Milan for three days of holidays!

It was really great! I really love going to Italy! And I was happy to see I was still able to speak Italian quite fluently even after two years!

Here are some pictures of my trip!
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Mar. 19th, 2016 11:04 pm
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Today, I was working in the morning and I had my biennal evaluation with my boss. It went really well and I only received positive feedback!

After that, we went to do some shopping with my Mum. We mostly bought clothes and beauty products so it was perfect! ;-)

Then, I got sushi for supper to end this good day on a great note!

Also,my colleague finally came back to work on Tuesday! I'mreally happy to see them well again and to share laughters and jokes with her again!
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Hi everybody!

How are you?

I'm really sorry for not being there as much as before (especially on the [ profile] camelot_drabble community) but my life is still hectic!

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I've finally some free time ahead of me!

Work is still hectic as my colleague is still on sick leave... She ought to come back on March, though.

On the good side, as my boss has taken a week-long holiday I was able to do the same!

... )
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As some of you may know, I work as a seretary in a training center. I work part time with a colleague that work full time. My colleague had been on sick leave since the end of November. She should have come back today but her leave is prolonged until the end of the month...

Of course, I understand she needs to be fully healed before coming back but in December I had to do all the work alone (at full time) and it was so tiring!

So, I was really happy to go back to work at part time to have more time for myself... Look like it won't happen yet!

Though, this time I asked my boss if we could hire someone to help me and he agreed to hire someone part time! So I hope it's going to be less stressfull than back in December!

It looks like it will be hard to write and read more before the next holidays... :-(
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I'm not into good resolutions as I know perfectly well I'll not do anything!

Instead, this year, I decided to do a to-do lists of the things I want to do in the next weeks. Most are related to writing and reading as I realised how I didn't do much of it last year!
So, here we go!

1. Save all the good Merlin fics written since May to put on my ereader so I can read them in my bed or on the bus!
2. Do the End of the year writing meme from [ profile] merlin_writers (will probably do it tomorrow)
3. Write the weekly drabbles for [ profile] camelot_drabble again
4. Post my fic more regularly on my AO3 account
5. Do a Reading Challenge (I'll post it here later!)
6. Watch more TV shows! (starting with rewatching the first two seasons of the Musketeers that my brother got me for Christmas!)
7. Play more video games
8. Play less useless games on Facebook!
9. I'm also pondering the possibility of creating a blog to put all my recipes (probably in French, though!)
10. Find more LJ friends and to do this, I've just found a great Friending Meme!

A 2016 LJ Friending Meme!

Oh, had anyone watched the Christmas episode of SHERLOCK? Did you like it?
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I wish you all a very happy and merry Christmas!

I hope you had a great evening yesterday or will  have a good day, today!

Here, in Belgium, we mostly eat in familly on Christmas Eve.

In my familly we open the presents during the evening and Christmas Day is more about eating the leftovers, looking at our presents more closely and lounging for the rest of the day!

What are you traditionnal way to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?
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Today we went to buy our Christmas tree!

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We're nearly in December so I'm getting into Holidays mode!

This year, I'd like to share this festive mood with my LJ friends!

So, if you want to receive a little Christmas card, just drop me your adress by PM!

Please, write the address exactly like I should write it on the envelope!

I've also found cute stamps with Belgian's landmarks or specialities! So you'll receive a little bit of Belgium, too! ;-)


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