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Bits of a puzzle, fitting together

Author : blue_eyed

Rating : NC17

Summary : It started out as a friends-with-benefits situation. Hot sex with hot guys. No one expected feelings.

Why I loved it : Threesome are always fun but this fic was more than just some smutty threesome! It was about a polyamourous relationship and how to make it works! I loved the character's doubts and quirks making it more realistic! And there was also some sexy times! ;-)
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Of Dragonbabies and Noblemen

Author : [ profile] elveatas

Rating :

Summary : King Uther might be liberal enough to accept his son's homosexuality, but he's still too conservative to allow him to marry a commoner. A nobleman it must be, and after a series of matchmaking meetings, Arthur sets his sights on the future dragonlord. It doesn't necessarily go well.

Why I loved it : Another modern royalty AU but also a modern AU with magic... and dragons! I loved the progression of Arthur and Merlin's relaationship and how different they were but also made to end together! The story is really funny, too with a very open-minded Uther (a nice change).
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Rating: NC-17
Pairing/s: Arthur/Merlin
Character/s: Arthur, Merlin
Summary: Arthur met Merlin in the park. He immediatly noticed his hands.
Very dark theme, Character death

Word Count: 421
Prompt: 120. Hands
Author's Notes: Not betaed. I really don't now why I have written this...
I probably shouldn't watch so many "Criminal Minds" episodes!
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Title: Don't make me play the fool
Rating: NC-17
Pairing/s: Merlin/Arthur
Character/s: Merlin, Arthur, others
Summary: Merlin is Arthur's "toy" for six months now and he has to be presented to the Court.
Warnings: Attempted rape, mention of sexual slavery
Word Count:1895 (oops, I got carried away)
Prompt: 102.Fool
Author's Notes: Title from this song . Thanks to [ profile] derenai for the beta. Part of my "My special one" series.

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Title: The heart is the only broken instrument that works

Rating: R

Pairing(s): one sided Merlin/Arthur, Leon/Merlin

Summary: Merlin has a hard time working for Arthur. Leon wants to help him and make him happy again.

Warnings: None

Word Count: 6910

A/N: Thanks to the lovely [ profile] derenai for the beta.

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Inspired by [ profile] maritsel_chan amazing work with her drabbles, I've decide to try myself to do drabble based on prompts. I've chosen a 50 prompt table and the drabbles will be about all the football player's I love. I've tried to made them the closer to the 100 words possible.

The table is here.

So here are the first five.

001.Autumn (Javi Martinez/Fernando Llorente)

... )

041. Peaceful (Cristiano Ronaldo/Mesut Özil)

... )

 037. Monsters (Cristiano Ronaldo/Fabio Coentrao)

... )

015. First Glance (Sergio Ramos/Mesut Özil)

... )

020. Fight (Mesut Özil/Cristiano Ronaldo)

... )


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