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Author : Carmenta

Rating : NC17

Summary :
The Oddities of Fate and Circumstance
In the past two days Bard has smuggled the King under the Mountain into Lake-town, has found himself in the midst of a dragon attack, has then slain said attacking dragon, almost drowned, almost been proclaimed king and has just woken to an Elven army in their makeshift refugee camp.

Now he'd really like to get that simple life back, without stubborn Dwarves, attacking Orcs and the sudden need for diplomacy. He'd also really, really like for everybody to stop calling him Lord of Dale.

However, he wouldn't mind keeping the fabulous Elvenking around who's being so generous with his wine, opinions and turnips.

In Sleep What Dreams Might Come
There's an Elvenking in his bed, a Dwarven realm at his doorstep and a dragon in his nightmares.

Bard's days used to be much simpler.

Why I loved it : It was like reading a true sequel to the film! I loved how the author focused on the main pairing but also on the practical side of rebuilding Dale and dealing with everything happening around them. There was angst, humor, fluff and everything was well balanced!
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aeris444: (arthur)
During the holidays, I watched the three "Hobbit" films as I had bought the blu-ray with the extended versions.

That lead me to drool over Lee Pace and Luke Evans (amongst other!) which meant I ended on tumblr where I discovered how slashy "The Hobbit" cast was!

I mean look at this!Man love ahead! )

In a few hours, I was convinced that Lee Pace and Richard Armitage are truly dating (I mean, Thanksgiving with your "friend" family? Holidaying together? Traveling around the world to see your co-star's play?) and that the rest of the cast was good material for fic!

Which of course lead me to AO3 ans hours and hours of reading!

I also wandered in the LOTR fandom and, as a sign, French TV is broadcasting "The Fellowship of the Ring" tonight!

If you have some good websites, fics recs, tumblr to recommend, just leave a comment! I'm open to RPF, of course! LOTR and The Hobbit!


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